Stray cat in search of food made its way to the zoo and made friends with a lynx

Is friendship between wild and domestic animals possible?

Practice shows that yes. In addition, if they are from the same species, then it will not be difficult for them to find a common language.

Once, a stray cat from St. Petersburg wandered around the city in search of food.

She was incredibly lucky that day. After all, she found not only food, but also a close friend.

The cat managed not only to find some stubs in the trash heap. The cat was lucky enough to find large chunks of beef carcass.

She found all this yummy in the zoo, in the cage of another representative of the feline – the lynx.

It seemed that if the owner of the meat saw how an uninvited guest was feasting on her food, she would tear it to pieces.

But a miracle happened: the big cat did not touch the small one.

Either she felt kinship, or realized that no one brings the stray cat to eat, and she is dying of hunger.

The cat now often comes to her friend.

She shares breakfast, lunch and dinner with her.

In addition, it is warmer in the aviary than outside, so the cat is warming up, leaning against the lynx.

For this, the stray cat licks her fur.

The cat was also noticed by the zoo staff. In order not to deprive the rightful owner of the meat, they increased her daily portion so that she would not be hungry either.

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