Fisherman saves a bear cub: the next day the mother bear comes to him with a gift

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In the early summer morning of 1984, a fisherman noticed a bear cub that had fallen into the river.

He was carried by the current. The man without hesitation went to the middle of the rapid and pulled the bear cub ashore.

The fisherman considered the incident over, but the next day a bear came ashore to him.

According to the recollections of the fisherman, the bite that day was very weak. The bear cub, apparently, was standing upstream and also tried to fish, and then could not resist and fell into the river.

The bear looked to be a little over a month old. He obviously could not cope with the current, so the man moved into the very rapids – it was much easier for an adult to stay in the river.

Standing on a hard bank, the bear cub immediately ran into the undergrowth, and the fisherman shrugged his shoulders and gathered tackle.

The next morning he again returned to approximately the same place, but after a few hours he felt someone’s eyes on him.

The man turned his head and saw a large bear a few steps away from him. He still did not understand how to react, when he suddenly saw a whole mountain of fish at her paws.

After standing for a while, the bear shook her head and left, leaving her catch as a thank you for saving the cub.

Apparently, wild animals are much smarter than people think. At least the feeling of gratitude is not alien to them.

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