Dog abandoned by her owners in a park was adopted by the police officer who rescued her

A starving and abandoned girl, a cross of a pit bull, lay peacefully in a park in Bloomington, Indiana.

The unhappy dog ​​begged for help with her eyes, and the merry walkers passed by.

It was like this until one stranger came up to her. He called the local sheriff.

For Officer Jeff Ripley, who arrived on call, it was love at first sight.

But so far he has not yet fully realized this and was going to take the poor dog to the shelter.

However… it was closed!

Then Jeff brought the pit bull to his place.

Jeff’s beloved just returned home and, seeing the dog, offered to shelter her for the night.

And the baby got on so well with the other pets of the couple that they decided to leave her forever!

The next day, the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic.

They had to find the former owner, who said that the pit bull had recently been hit by a car, but he was not going to help her, so he sent her outside.

The baby had to undergo a long treatment…

Daisy, as the dog was named, was in desperate need of love. And she got it!

After a few weeks, she stopped being afraid of loud noises, began to play and gradually trust the new owners.

“When I leave for work, Daisy runs to the bedroom window and looks after me. She loyally waits for me to come home every day…”, says Jeff.

Now Daisy sleeps in bed, receives lots of kisses all day long and does not need anything…

So in an instant, the dog found a family and faith in people!

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