Lion tries to escape from his cubs to have some alone time, but kids stubbornly chase him

Some men sometimes do not realize what they will have to go when creating a big family.

After all, when there are three or more children in it, life will never be the same.

The lion, who was photographed in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, seems to think so.

Dad with many children is so tired of the attention of his cubs that he decided to retire by all means in order to be at least a little alone.

But it seems that he did not succeed.

The pictures show the king of beasts, followed by four little lion cubs.

It seems that the lion thought that the children themselves would leave him alone, but that was not the case!

At some point, the tired father starts to pick up the pace and start running, but the kids noticed this and immediately followed him, trying to close the distance.

They definitely don’t want to stray far from their father.

Usually, lions rest about twenty hours a day, going out to hunt by nightfall.

Thus, they save their strength in the evening, and also save themselves from the heat of the day.

During rest periods, lions gather in groups, sleep together, rub their heads against each other, and, of course, play with children.

This is very beneficial for their social ties within the pride. Raising children is not easy, however, and a lion with four children seems ready to confirm this.

Many netizens even presented their dialogue:

“Dad, dad, what are you doing? Dad, stop!” And he answered: “When will you leave me alone?!”

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