A kind man put a stool next to the fence so his Lab could meet the neighbors’ dogs that are his best friends without obstacles

There are no barriers to true friendship – and this story proves it once again!

A dog named Giuseppe could not jump to the edge of the fence to chat with his fellow neighbors.

The owners came to his aid…

Vito and Bambino are two Great Dane that live happily with their owners.

Not so long ago, the dogs had a furry neighbor – a Labrador named Giuseppe.

From the first day, the Great Danes met a new neighbor on a walk, and since then have become close friends with him, and spent a lot of time together.

However, their friendship had only one obstacle – a high fence between the courtyards of houses.

If Vito and Bambino, due to their impressive size, could calmly reach the fence and look at their neighbors, it was difficult for Labrador Giuseppe to do this – he did not reach the fence, and could not greet his friends by mutual sniffing.

“We saw how poor Giuseppe jumped many times, trying to reach his big friends to say hello,” – say the owners of the Labrador Retriever.

Seeing how strong the dogs’ friendship is, the owners of Giuseppe decided to help him a little.

The owner of the dog found a highchair in the closet, and put it by the fence… Giuseppe immediately appreciated the find!

Now the happy dog ​​can communicate with his friends without any problems. This story proves once again that there are no barriers to true friendship!

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