The dog from the shelter noticed the girl had a panic attack and rushed to the rescue

A homeless dog was able to find an owner for himself.

All thanks to the support that he provided in time to an unfamiliar girl.

The dog, which was named Picasso, was found on the street by workers at the animal shelter.

He did not have a collar and for a long time no one looked for him.

As the shelter workers were walking their dogs, Picasso saw 16-year-old Abby Ellis sitting on the side of the road with her head on her knees.

The four-legged moved towards the stranger, and then clung to her to calm her down.

“Abby’s head was lowered to her feet and the girl fell body forward. Picasso managed to move under her body to support. Then she began to recover. If not for this dog, Abby would have fallen and hit her face on the ground,” said Abby’s mother.

When Abby felt the warmth of the dog, she began to pet him and gradually the panic began to recede.

The girl felt safe and was able to get back on her feet, after which she returned home with her mother.

However, she could not forget her rescuer and the very next day she left for the shelter.

When Picasso saw Abby, he immediately ran to hug her.

At that moment, the girl realized that the dog would go home with her. “I’m very glad he chose me,” said Abby.

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