Tiny helpless puppy finding shelter in a shoe was rescued by a kindhearted man

A small act of kindness is able to change one’s life forever. If people could be more compassionate, the world would be a better place to live.

There are so various heartbreaking stories with a happy end, which brighten our days. This story about a generous gesture of a kind man will melt your hearts, surely.

A poor, helpless puppy was found himself in a dirty place next to a shoe, which he used as a shelter.

He was in badly need of help, as he had to survive each day for his life trying to find not only this shoe-shelter, but food and water.

Though his life was extremely harsh, he was lucky, as a kind man passing by, noticed him, and changed his life forever.

Unfortunately, there are so many cases, when animals are thrown away, like useless trash, but we should understand that they also are living creatures, like people, and they also are able to feel, love, comfort, help, and humanity is responsible to take care of those helpless animals.

Goran Marinkovic, a man with a big heart and a great animal lover, is not indifferent for stray animals. It was him, who found the poor, hungry puppy surrounded by trash.

While wandering the streets of Serbia in hope to find an animal in need, he occasionally encountered the heartbroken sight. A puppy was sitting next to a shoe, who was confused and frightened.

Goran looked around to find his mother, but he was alone. The man understood that the innocent soul was abandoned and without hesitation saved him.

He fed the poor creature and gave some water, then he took him to the vet.

After all the necessary medical treatment, Goran decided to adopt him and give him a sweet and safe home. He named the puppy Smesten.

The kind man not only took care of him, but gave him his love and comfort, Smesten needed so badly.

Smesten’s life has changed forever, now he looks absolutely different, he is very happy with his beloved human.

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