Abandoned cat found a new home and became an Instagram sensation thanks to his cute outfits

The history of animals that have found a home and owners is always touching.

But the life of Benson the cat has become a real springboard thanks to the creativity of his new owners.

Benson is a street cat who managed to find a new home and feel the love of the owners again.

He lived in Dubai, the old owners left him when they moved out of the city.

Luckily, a family from the US who was traveling there noticed the cat and decided to take him in.

But his adventures didn’t end there.

The owners of the cat came up with the idea to buy him interesting costumes, take photos of the cat in different images and post them on Instagram.

It all started with glasses, he accepted them flawlessly.

Later, the idea arose to dress Benson in costumes, he reacted to this quite calmly.

“The cat still does not like shoes, but in all other outfits he feels good and patiently sits in front of the camera,” the owners of the cat said.

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