After years of being nothing but the most loving dog family throws loyal Pitbull at the shelter because they are having another baby

The feeling of being abandoned is so stressful for any pet. All of a sudden every gentle feelings, love, care, attention vanish and an unknown world surrounds them.

Stormy, a lovely Pitbull, couldn’t understand why he appeared at the high-kill shelter, after 2 years of love and care of his family.

As the humans of Stormy discovered they are waiting for their fifth baby, they decided to remove someone to have space.

That one was, unfortunately, poor Freshy, that’s how he was called by their family.

Stormy, renamed by the workers of the shelter, was waiting every day for his family to return him back to the sweet home, where he spent his joyful and happy life with four children of his humans.

But, in vain. He was in deep stress and non would have wish to adopt such a sad, scared dog.

Fear and terror were in dog’s eyes, his hearts was broken.

One day, a kind woman, Guerrini noticed his profile and rushed to the busy Brooklyn shelter to take him

Stormy’s name was on the euthanasia list, as the shelter was so crowded that they had no financial means to take care  of him.

His life should have been interrupted at 5 o’clock, and only at 4:58 she was officially allowed to take the poor dog.

Factually, she rescued his life.

Guerrini and her son took saved Stormy to their home, where he would live until to be adopted.

Stormy was so happy, that started to kiss and cuddle kind woman and her young son, as if he knew what happened.

The whole family fell in love with this gentle dog. He was so playful, joyful and loving creature, who, hopefully, soon or later will find a new loving forever family.

Please, watch the short video with touching moment of the meeting of Guerrini, her son and Stormy!

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