Baltimore Ravens player goes into Animal Shelter for adopting not-so-adoptable old dog

Ronnie Stanley, who is a football player in Baltimore, had intention to adopt a specific dog from Animal Shelter called BARCS .

Stanley went with his girlfriend Emily to the Shelter.

Stanley explained that he was looking for a dog, which has been living there a long time and has such a characteristic that non wants to adopt him or her. All the workers of the shelter were so excited, as there were so many dogs waiting for having new sweet home.

They showed Stanley and Emily physically imperfect, old dogs. Eventually they chose Winter, an old dog. It was a beautiful dog with sad eyes, long, hanging belly, which was the result of having many babies.

This kind of appearance did not frighten Ronnie in choosing such a dog, as he was interested getting kisses from Winter, rather than being worried about her belly.

Stanley renamed Winter Lola. Very soon, the frightened dog who spent 6 years in the shelter without any hope to be adopted starts a new life in her parent’s home place.

She spends her time running around the Ronnie’s backyard and napping on her parents’ soft bed.

Stanley is thankful to the Shelter’s staff for showing him Lola. Unfortunately he’s given back to the shelter.

But soon Ronnie adopted another dog named Rico. He also took place in donation campaign at BARCS Shelter giving about $5,000.

Fortunately, after a difficult start to life, Lola was adopted. She found a nice home with very kind owners who gave her their love and warmth.

Surely, this kind of heart touching act of adopting dogs is very appreciable.

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