Bertram had to spend his early life in a shelter after being abandoned by his breeder who thought he wouldn’t have any profit of him

Bertram, named formerly as Jasper, was only 4-5-month-old, when he was thrown by his breeder carelessly at the shelter, because he was too big to sell.

Breeders are interested not only in the health, but also in the good look of their animals, as they are focusing on having as much profit as possible.

So, poor animals, who have not the right look, were immediately thrown away, as not useful trash.

The same happened with Bertie, who had to spend his early life at Tulsa shelter.

But, one day, everything, all of a sudden, has changed for the poor, unhappy dog.

Kathy Grayson, an artist from New York, while browsing PetFinder, encountered Bert’s pictures.

Kathy loved the little puppy from the first sight and decided to adopt him.

Without losing time, she drove to Tulsa to take the adorable dog from the shelter and give him her safe shelter, a new sweet home with a new happy life.

So, the fate was kind to this abandoned dog, he became a second chance for life, but this time for a better life, which was full of adventures.

Kathy and her glamorous puppy spent a very good time together, attending fairs, art opening, operas.

As soon as he became famous on Instagram, where he has more than 400k followers, Kathy realized that people wanted to see this lovely dog in real life.

So, now Bertram spends mostly his time at Kathy’s workplace, where the guests were coming not only for art, but also to see the online star.

They even brought their pets to the Hole art gallery to meet Bertie.

So, this kindhearted woman changed Bertram’s life, turning it into a happy, adventurous life.

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