Lonely dog Raven chooses from the shelter a little kitten to be his best friend

There are many stories about unlikely friendships, especially between two different species.

Many people think there can’t be a friendship between a cat and a dog.

This misconception that these two animals can’t get along with each other, can break the story about a dog, named Raven, and a cat, named Woodhouse.

These two animals not only accepted each other, but became best friends.

Gentle Raven and cute Woodhouse felt in love at first sight.

This unique friendship melts everyone’s heart.

They are always together and like to do things together. Their unlikely friendship grows day by day and became stronger and stronger.

But the most interesting part of this story is how they met each other.

As Husky was feeling lonely, and he needed someone to play with and cuddle, his owner Christina decided to help him.

One day she took the dog to the local shelter to choose a friend for him. She always dreamed of having a cat and a dog, growing together and getting along with each other, as well.

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