Heart melting video about Baby Monkey’s care for five Baby Ducklings

Any time a scene of a love, care or friendship between animals touches our hearts deeply, none can be indifferent looking at the cute animals doing adorable things.

Just take 8 minutes of your time to watch these cute animals in action, surely it can melt even the toughest heart and after watching this video a smile on your face is guaranteed.

The video starts as the little monkey how lovingly looks at the brood of baby ducklings.

Ducklings are playing with the monkey’s fur, and monkey seems content of it, he hugs the baby ducks all the time.

Wherever monkey goes, the brood follows him as they think he’s their new mommy. It looks like a wonderful family. They just can’t be separate from each other even a while.

Now it’s eating time. The yellow birds are eating their tasty rice, while tiny monkey enjoys his milk from the bottle. The monkey climbs up the tree, and his fuzzy friends are waiting for him at the bottom.

The cute group of animals continues to explore everything in their surroundings. The monkey seems again a lit bit hungry, he munches on all of the plants, flowers. Some ducklings look tired and dizzy.

They can get asleep without worrying to be harm of anything, as their monkey mommy controls their snooze and will save them.

See this beautiful video below and fill these few minutes with positive feelings.

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