After regaining her eyesight ex blind pit bull sees her beloved foster parents for the first time

This is a heartwarming moment, an abandoned blind pit bull, who was neglected her entire life, finally found a forever home.

But when she got her vision back, her happiness doubled.

The moment she sees her foster parents for the first time, is really touching.

Elli and Sam, two kind people, who became Hazel’s foster parents, did everything in their power to adjust their house comfortable for the blind dog, so that she could wander without getting hurt.

And, their endeavors paid off, as Hazel soon showed some good improvements.

But their dream was to find a forever sweet home for her, as they were Hazel’s temporarily fosters, who really take care of her properly, with enormous love and affection.

Unexpectedly, the kind pair succeeded.

Soon, a kindhearted couple, Allison and Pete, fell in love with this adorable dog.

They read the massage about Hazel and decided to adopt her immediately.

The very time, when the pair were going to take Hazel in their house, the blind dog was going to have an eye surgery.

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