A poor and weak black bear cub was found by a friendly dog who brought him home thinking it’s a “puppy”

It’s in the nature of dogs, to explore in their surroundings, find different things and even leaving creatures. They are so kind and friendly that can befriend any creature they encountered.

Sometimes they bring home the result of their investigation. This dog thought he found a good company.

Very recently, an interesting story happened in Washington County.

A family noticed their dog brought home a little creature, he found him in the wood next to their backyard.

Apparently, dog thought it was a baby of a dog. The owners of the dog were surprised to find out it’s a black bear cub.

After a short examination of the little cub, they understood their dog just saved his life.

The poor bear cub looked very weak, confused and dehydrated. His weight was about 1.2lb.

It was not clear how long time the cub were left in the wood alone. Apparently he got lost or couldn’t move to follow his family.

Richard Vaughan, the owner of the dog, looked around in the wood, but couldn’t find as neither his mother nor his little siblings.

He informed about the case to the conservation officer, as he didn’t know how to take care of the poor baby bear.

Soon the black, tiny cub was taken to the Virginia Wildlife Center, where he went into the caring hands. The poor cub needed not only nutrition, but minerals and vitamins, as well. He was put in an incubator.

The devoted and kind workers of the Wildlife center gave the poor black bear baby a second chance to live. Thanks to the team efforts, the little cub recovered within some months.

Now he is again in the wild, where he hopefully found a new mom.

Watch the feeding process of the cub in the below video!

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