Family goes to the movies for 3 hours, comes home to find the dog has completely destroyed their entire house

If you are an owner of a pet, then, for sure, you know very well that pets give us not only love, loyalty and positive emotions, but also a fair amount of trouble.

They can stain hardwood floors, spoil furniture and much more.

They try food that is not intended for them, even without considering it necessary to wait for permission.

Such mischief can often cause angry emotions in the owner.

However, dogs are simply masters of manipulation.

They immediately look at us pitifully and guiltily, and it is simply impossible to resist such “soft power”,

The owners’ hearts instantly melt and even the thought of punishing such a sweetheart, who, moreover, is very repentant, disappear. This happened in this case as well.

Somehow the owners of this wonderful, but too active husky decided to go to the cinema with the whole family, and leave the pet alone for a couple of hours.

And then, the dog, as they say, seized upon freedom.

She decided to dispose of the apartment as a dog’s heart desires and, as a result, things began to happen on the floor of a light shade that it was scary to imagine even in a bad dream.

Moreover, it was not dirt, but ink.

Imagine how hard it was for the owners to clean the “creative amateur performance” of their favorite.

Later, they said that the dog itself did not suffer at all, since the ink contained only natural ingredients.

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