When this woman found a dying homeless man with a dog, he told her his last wish and it’s heartbreaking

On a chilly December afternoon, Jenine-Lacette Dshazer from Fresno, California, saw a sad homeless man on the street with a dog curled up in his arms.

They looked so touching that Jenine decided to approach them and spoke to the man affectionately.

It turned out that the man’s name is Clifford James Herbert, and his dog’s name is Baby.

At one time, Clifford James Herbert worked on a farm and owned a small workshop.

Soon he was left without a roof over his head, and now he was dying of cancer: doctors announced that he had several weeks to live.

He no longer thought about himself, but he was very worried about his dog. It was with her that his only last wish was connected.

Herbert asked Jenine to find a new home for his faithful dog, where she would be loved and where she could live her whole life.

According to the dying man, he took the dog away from the man who beat her in front of him.

“She is my whole life,” said the man.

“She is my best friend. She protects me.”

Jenine has reached out to GoFundMe to help Herbert and his dog find a roof over their heads.

People responded to her request.

Herbert was paid for a room in a motel. And for Baby there were new owners who wanted to take the dog into their house.

Baby now has a loving home and a little girl as a friend and playmate.

At least the last wish of Clifford James Herbert – to provide Baby with a home and give her a happy life – was fulfilled.

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