Rescued inseparable horse-goose best-friend pair wants to be adopted together

There are so many stories about incredible interspecies relationships in the animal kingdom, but this one is out of imagination.

This story with a happy ending will brighten your day.

Meet 6-year-old pony Waffles and a white goose Hemingway, who were rescued from a dirty, unsanitary conditioned farm located in Pennsylvania.

They were brought to the Bucks County SPCA, where the volunteers found out that this adorable duo are best friends.

Everybody was astonished with the rare friendship between a goose and a horse.

When they arrived at the shelter, the staff wanted to put them into their enclosures, but soon they understood that it’s impossible to separate the animals.

Goose was very protective of his best friend, he was flapping his wings, any time the workers trying to approach to the horse for an injection or giving some medicine.

The staff decided to admit only those applications with a together adoption, of course, after rehabilitation course, as Waffles caught some infection in the previous farm.

They were looking for a perfect home for both of them. Waffles and Hemingway had a rough past, and in order to overcome it, they should be together.

Soon a kind and nice couple, Nick and Maddie, decided to adopt this wonderful duo.

They liked the unique, neat friendship of these nice creatures and were very glad to be their adoptive parents.

The couple has a comfortable farm, where this inseparable duo could enjoy their lives in peace and care and love.

Watch the below video about Waffles and Hemingway here:

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