Hero Rottweilers run to help of freezing 80-year-old pensioner trapped in a school playing field for 15 hours

There is a misconception about the aggressive behavior of Rottweilers breed, but, in fact, these dogs are very gentle, even more, they can be heroes, as well.

A Rottweiler family saved, recently, a retired old woman, who got lost in a school playing field.

It was a January cold night, when David and Jack, his nephew, decided to go for a walk with their four Rottweilers-Billy, May, Gerald and Tillie.

David has to take his dogs for walks at nighttime, because of his neighbors’ hostile treatment.

So, it was about 1 AM, when they were nearby the school playing filed, which doors were, fortunately, open, when the dogs running into the field stopped next to the bushes and started to bark, until David approached.

They, apparently, found something. Soon, David and Jack fount out an old, confused woman sitting there and shivering.

She seemed to got lost and couldn’t go back, sitting there more than 15 hours. She was freezing.

One of the female dogs started to lick her, refusing to leave the old, helpless woman until her human arrived.

She was so lucky, that she was found by dogs, otherwise, something worst would happen, perhaps, she couldn’t survive, if not having been rescued.

David called an ambulance and the injured lady was taken to the hospital.

Later, David was told that the old lady got off the bus at the incorrect stop and got lost.

Thanks to the heroic dogs, hopefully, she will recover very soon and live her life in safe and peace.

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