Broken-hearted girls thought their beloved shelter dog their parents were about to adopt was put to sleep but a surprise rejoiced them

An adorable dog, named Rosie, was recently about to lose her life.  But her story had a happy end.

When the shelter in Georgia posted the ad of Rosie, a family consists of four members, fell in love with her.

Kerrigan and MacKenna, the family’s youngest members, asked their parents to adopt the beautiful dog for them, who loved the wonderful creature from the first sight.

The adoption should have been as soon as possible, as it’s said in the post that she should be soon euthanized.

So the family should rush to organize Rosie’s urgent adoption

The girls’ parents, Stephan and Toni, didn’t tell their daughters that they have already adopted the dog, they wanted to save her life so much.

They kept silence to surprise them. When the next time the daughters wanted to see Rosie’s ad, they were shocked, encountering the words: “no longer available”.

Their hearts were broken thinking that their future beloved white companion was put down. Kerrigan was inconsolable.

But Rosie was on a plane to surprise the girls with her arrival. The family went to pick up Rosie. The girls were so happy to see the dog safe and sound.

They didn’t believe they see Rosie. MacKenna, started even to cry for joy. The poor dog appeared at the shelter because of the divorce of her humans.

The divorced young mother couldn’t take care of her anymore, as she had two little children, and so, she was left at the shelter.

And, if not this family, Rosie would have not be alive. But, luckily, Rosie is safe forever, moreover, she is now very happy with her new lovely family.

Rosie is now everything for the girls, who can’t imagine their lives without her.

Rosie likes to sleep in their bed, be always next to them, when they do their homework, and play with them all the time. She also farmed a bond with their dog Ziggy.

Rosie is the happiest dog, as she has such a beautiful and caring family and a forever sweet home.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

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