Harley dog’s heroic kind and brave action of rescuing a baby fawn from the lake

Ralph Dorn from Virginia lost his dog Harley. He was looking him everywhere he could be. Suddenly he saw him in the middle of a lake.

He could see from the distance that his dog was not alone in the lake, but could not distinguish who was there.

As soon as they come closer, Ralph saw that his Goldendoodle was guiding a little creature. It was a baby fawn.

None could explain how the baby fawn appeared in the lake, but one thing was clear – his dog jumped into the lake to rescue the animal without giving any question.

The owner of the brave dog knew how kind, good-hearted was his Harley, he loved everyone, even animals, and now he is also a hero.

Harley was guiding the fawn to the shore. Dorn approached to the edge of the shore to help the animals. He took the fawn from the water out and put him on the grass. The next action of the brave dog was to lick the baby deer, as he wanted to be sure that everything was good with the saved animal.

Soon appeared the mother of the fawn. Dorn took his dog and went to his house, leaving mother and baby to be together. Dorn was watching from a distance to them, he realized that mother deer and her baby said goodbye to them and went away.

The next day, early in the morning, Harley started to run from one window to another. Dorn opened the door and dog run to the near tree, where was the fawn. The baby deer was wagging his tail.

As soon as the dog approached to the fawn, they started to sniff each other touching their noses. That was really very touching scene. The fawn apparently wanted to see his hero again.

Dorn and his dog came back. The mother and her baby went away in the evening. They never appeared again.

Obviously, Dorn should be proud of having such a brave dog, who surely will never hesitate to do another heroic act if necessary.

See the videos with brave dog Harley.

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