20 Hilarious Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

Irish Wolfhounds are quite majestic with their proud and tall stance, and they’re considered to be the tallest of all dog breeds.

These animals became aids for royalty and men at war. Their existence was traced back to as early as 391 AD when they were apparently gifted to Roman consuls. They were companions to great men and world leaders and were used to fight bears and deers. If you are a fan of poetry, you will find references of Irish Wolfhounds in writings of popular poets. There’s even a monument dedicated to this breed.

That said, it is obvious how coveted Irish Wolfhounds were back then and that fact is still true now. Fortunately, they aren’t used for war purposes today, but as life-size pillows and cuddle partners. Check out these photos of Irish Wolfhounds who seriously have no idea how huge they are.

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