A couple who has been married for 72 years is still in love, and they are sharing the secret to happiness

One couple married for 72 years shares their secret to a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Kenneth and Faye Babin have been married for 72 years, and their love story has lately gone viral online. Jalee, their granddaughter, began sharing videos of the two of them on TikTok, and their lovely love captured the hearts of people all over the world!

And 93-year-old Faye and 95-year-old Kenneth talked about their love and the key to a great marriage.

«He was handsome, and he sang and played the guitar, so it was extremely romantic,» Faye recalled as she smiled fondly at her husband.

«Whenever I was feeling down or bad, I’d ask him, ‘Could I have a hug?’ ‘May I have a kiss?’ And he gladly obliged!» She burst out laughing. Faye expressed how essential physical affection was to both her and Kenneth.

The duo also emphasizes the value of open communication and never allowing conflicts to fester. «We always talked it out,» Faye explained.

Laughter and companionship were vital to the couple, as were mutual interests.

«We liked to laugh,» Faye explained. «We played cards, dominoes, and a standard poker game. I had not even considered divorce. Murder, a couple of times, but…» Faye laughed sarcastically.

And Kenneth commented on how commitment was always crucial to their marriage’s success.

«We never even considered killing each other; it was always the other way around. Keeping together, «he said.

What a beautiful love these two share! And after so many decades together, Faye and Kenneth definitely know the ways to keep a marriage happy and healthy. God bless this wonderful couple!

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