She got lucky after she embraced her appearance.

Only criteria are no longer enough to become a model – many designers are looking for distinctive girls with their own «zest.» So a girl named Nyakim Gatvech became famous not only for her figure but also for having the darkest skin. People around her refer to her as the «Queen of Darkness,» and she is frequently mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the person with the darkest skin. Nyakim, on the other hand, has learned to accept herself for who she is and has vowed not to prove anything to anyone.

The model has her own Instagram page, and she currently has over 800,000 followers who like her and are often impressed by her uncommon appearance.

Nyakim’s parents are South Sudanese, although she was born in Ethiopia, where her family relocated during the civil conflict. They then stayed in a refugee camp in Kenya before flying to the United States. Nyakim was fourteen at the time.

But the youngster was so unusual from the other kids that she had to endure continual mockery in her address. «You’re so black, go take a shower,» she was frequently told. Nyakim became so fed up with all of this that she decided to have skin whitening surgery. Thank God, her sister talked her out of it, telling her that the most delightful sensation in the world is to be yourself while also feeling comfortable.

“An Uber driver once asked me, “No offense, but would you lighten your skin if you were given $10,000 for it?”. I laughed so hard. He asked if it meant no, and I replied that of course, it meant no. Why should I lighten the skin that the Lord has blessed me with?”

After Nyakim fell in love and accepted herself, her skin immediately became her key.

She has become a model and works with brands such as Calvin Klein, L’Oréal, Fashion Nova, Cosmopolitan, and many others.

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