So similar and at the same time so different. The quadruple of girls is now 16

The girls grew up to the joy of their parents.

Years ago, a clip of a foursome laughing vigorously made a splash on the Internet. Everyone has seen this clip. Sincere positive! The joyful mother and her four charming daughters laughed out loud and made everyone cheerful.

It was recorded by happy dad Steve Mathias.

This clip won the “Best Funny Home Video” category and was granted $25,000. This money was very necessary for a young family.

The birth of a quadruple is infrequent, particularly if it is a natural birth without IVF. This couple was astonished they had a quadruple because the premier ultrasound showed only three babies.

Presently, they are all grown girls. They are 16.

One of the girls loves music and dreams of playing in a band, another has the desire to become a photographer, and the other two are studying programming and digital design. So similar and at the same time so different.

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