“Her kindness knows no bounds”: This is how the poor baby from Ethiopia whom Jolie rescued and adopted looks today

Here is the Ethiopian girl whom Jolie heroically saved and adopted 15 years ago

It is worth mentioning that besides being an enormously successful and overall-recognized movie star and director, Jolie is also an ambassador of UN Goodwill and who periodically travels to poor and underdeveloped countries to offer her priceless help to those who are in need.

About 15 years ago, the legendary actress with her husband went to Ethiopia and visited a number of orphanages. Though all the poor and innocent kids weren’t unnoticed, one 6-month-old girl with her huge eyes and incredible beauty who didn’t cry or scream unlike the others won the actress’s heart. She seemed to have already accepted her fate and wasn’t even trying to get out of that situation.

Jolie and her ex-husband prepared all the required documents for adoption and rushed to welcome the girl to their home who had already been negatively affected at the orphanage and some complications concerning her health arose. It later turned out that Zahara’s biological mother was too young and had nothing to feed her with, that’s why, having no other choice, she took her to an orphanage.

The girl, in fact, became the second adopted child in the family of the iconic movie stars and immediately drew the public’s attention to her. Her parents in their turn did their best to give her the parental love and tenderness that she has always needed.

Whereas one thing that should be mentioned as well is that far not all her fans were delighted with this news since at that time it was “fashionable” to adopt dark-skinned kids and many simply didn’t find her act sincere and unconditional. Shortly after the girl’s adoption, the actors had a girl who turned out to be the exact copy of her parents.

It is relevant to mention that after some time the biological mother of the girl suddenly appeared and demanded a meeting with Jolie, whereas everything quickly normalized.

Currently, the girl is already 15 and looks simply fantastic. Though her other siblings were always more popular than her, she, anyway, has a huge number of fans.

The teenage girl always behaves properly in public and despite the fact her parents have divorced, she regularly communicates with both of them and is grateful that the spouses had rescued her and helped escape from those unbearable conditions.

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