Nigerian Mother Becomes First Black Woman In The World To Have Two White Children

Catherine Howard, a 35-year-old financial analyst, has just discovered that genetics presents surprises. When she fell in love with Richard, she never thought that her love story would make headlines in many newspapers and magazines. This Nigerian-born woman was killed when she saw her children come out completely white.

When her first son, John, was born and they saw that he was white with blue eyes, Catherine said that, in her opinion, they had the wrong child and they were giving her the wrong one. So, when Sofia was about to be born, both parents thought she might be a little darker.

“When Jonah was born, he was so white that Richard and I thought they had the wrong son when they gave him to us. But Sofia surprised me much more because we were sure that this would not happen twice and that she would get more from my Nigerian side. I was wrong. It’s really a miracle.”

Even the doctors were surprised by the situation. “Every time a doctor came up, he had to make some comments about my children and their skin color. It was very rare to see something, because it was one case in a million when something like this could only happen once. Although it has already happened to me twice,” Catherine said quite happily.

The woman has no white background. She is 100% Nigerian. A scientist specializing in genetics said: “When a couple of different people get together, the probability that their children’s pigmentation will be white is 1 in 4 or 1 in 2.”

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