Queen Elizabeth II shows her love for dogs

Queen Elizabeth II shows her love of Corgis and all other dogs in the span of four minutes. The Corgi has become a world-famous breed thanks to the Queen and the royal family.

When the Queen met other cute dogs, she was delighted to see all of them lined up for her. She politely greets them and loves to touch their adorable noses with her finger.

During meetings, the Queen’s dogs are always present. They can be seen by her feet or in the background when she is meeting with foreign dignitaries. Once the Queen moves, her dogs follow her.

In many photos, the dogs can be seen underneath chairs or behind people’s legs. They are always around as long as the Queen is present. All her guests light up as soon as they meet her dogs.

The Queen was thrilled to meet some service and working dogs. Many of them were larger than her Corgis, and she had a bright smile when she saw them.

Sometimes the Queen must tell her dogs to get out of the way when greeting a guest. Then she will ask her dogs to rest quietly by her feet and behave.

All of the royal companions are treated just like any other member of the royal family. They have been present ever since the Queen’s 18th birthday when she received her first Corgi, Susan, as a present.

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