Orphaned kittens were adopted by a dog

This cute dog is called Georgia. Sadly, her life was full of trials. She lived in a desert, starved a lot, and her pregnancy was so tough that all the pups were born dead. All of that took a toll on her body and on her mental state.

The poor thing was so nervous that when she got to the animal care center, she was constantly spoiling things and gnawing the grate; that worried and scared the staff.

Luckily, her state changed drastically when three tiny orphan kittens got to the shelter. No one can even remember whose idea it was to give the kittens to Georgia, but this decision saved her.

The dog calmed down, licked the babies, and started feeding them. From that day on she has been looking after them in every way possible.

Now, two of the kittens have already been adopted. And the new, full of love home is waiting for Georgia with her last cat baby.

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