A Devoted Dog Got a Monument After He Passed Away

A human’s friendship with his dog may be one of the most valuable assets of his life. A teenager from Tripoli discovered a monument devoted to a dog named Buddie.He was just going for a causal walk when he noticed something in the bushes. He was eager to find out what it was, so he just started moving them.

That’s how he discovered it was a pet’s remembering stone.
«Good buddy, 1928 — 1941,» it was authored. «I was born a puppy, but I buried a man.»

The story goes that long ago, in the place of the pet’s grave, the dog noticed the person drawing in the lake. He started barking, which eventually led to saving him. The person saved became his owner.The teenager assumes that the dog was really committed and faithful to his owner.

The additional information says that Buddie was a member of Ms. Albert Jones’s family, and his wife loved going to the park with him and their other pets.It’s hard to distinguish what is the exact truth from this story, but one thing is clear. Buddie was precious to his owners in the way that no other dog was.

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