Identical triplets were born in 1987, and more than 30 years later became popular models

Allison, Laura and Nicola Crimmins were born in 1987 on April 25 in Dublin and are identical triplets, which means that from the very first day of their lives they were identical, and so much so that both the surrounding people and the parents of the sisters could not distinguish them.

As they grew older, the twins not only retained their unique resemblance, but also became real beauties, so at the age of 10 they received their first job offer in the fashion industry.However, their parents decided that it was not worth taking away childhood from girls, so the Crimmins sisters took their first professional steps in this area when they were already sixteen-year-old teenagers.

In Dublin, the triplets are famous and sought-after models. They participate in fashion shows, TV shows, and press conferences.Their photos can often be found on the covers of various magazines – the scope of their activities is not limited.The sisters can successfully advertise both underwear and expensive cars.All this not only brings them fame and a certain income, but also imposes certain restrictions on the life of the twins, because their main feature is not beauty, but identity.

Despite the fact that Nicola, Laura and Allison are, in fact, three different people, they practically live the same life. Their day begins with a run together, after which the same breakfast awaits them. Sports activities are held in the same hall with one instructor on identical simulators.Trips to the hairdresser, beautician or manicure are planned in advance, and to one specialist on the same day, in order to enter the salon, and then leave it, they could together without losing their identity.

They have the same height – 180 cm, weight – 54 kg, waist – 71 cm and even chest size (75A). They use the same cosmetics, perfumes, suntan products, buy the same things and are constantly in touch to control this lifestyle. Their diets are the same, and if they decide to deviate from it, they also take the same products, for example, pizza in the same restaurant chain.

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