Mother who’s given birth to eleven children in 10 years says she’s already planning her 12th child – and insists she will homeschool all of them

A woman of 11 who recently had her 12th kid delivered via emergency C-section is already planning to have another child in the future.

When Courtney Rogers, 36, of Santa Fe County, New Mexico, eventually decides to stop having children, she says it will be difficult.
In the 13 years since she married her 32-year-old church pastor husband Chris Rogers, she has rarely been without a pregnancy or a new baby.

On November 28, 2020, Courtney gave birth to her 11th child, Caris Audrey, but an emergency C-section was required since the baby was in danger and the doctors were concerned that her daughter wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

Caris, who weighed 9 lbs 3 oz when she was born, had to stay in the newborn intensive care unit for 15 days (NICU).In regards to the birth, Courtney remarked, “I was more afraid for Caris than for any of her brothers or sisters.”

The most terrifying aspect was that because all you want is for your baby to be safe.Caris is now content to be at home where she can spend time with her six brothers and four sisters, who range in age from 10 to 1.

Courtney is considering expanding her family, but this time she would like a break to heal.I adore being a mother, and I would really like to have another one, the woman declared. We’ll probably hold off on trying for a year or two.On her Instagram profile @littlehouseinthehighdesert, Courtney chronicles life on the family’s 12-acre tract.

She recounts the story with Chris and their kids, including Clint, 10, Clay, 9, Callie, 7, Cash, 6, the twins Colt and Case, 5, Calena, 3, Caydie, 2, Coralee, 19, and Caris, who is just seven weeks old.

She acknowledged that she had encountered some online backlash from those who questioned the couple’s ability to care for their kids or their ability to devote enough time to each of them.

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