Woman gives birth to one-in-a-million black and white twins: everyone admired that extraordinary beauty

When a lady gave birth to one-in-a-million twins with radically distinct skin colors, she was taken aback.In April, Chantelle Broughton, 29, gave birth to twins Ayon and Azirah. While her son Ayon was born with fair skin and green eyes, her daughter Azirah was born with darker skin and brown eyes.

Chantelle claims to be white, however she is mixed race because her maternal grandpa was Nigerian. Ashton, her 29-year-old spouse, is half Jamaican and half Scottish.The twins did not look significantly different from one other at birth, according to their mother, but as time went, Azirah’s skin colour became “darker and darker.”

She described the babies’ personalities as “completely opposite.”“Azirah is quite relaxed and calm, whereas Ayon requires a lot more attention. He is continuously babbling and always wants to be rocked. Azirah doesn’t do things like that very often.

But I’ve noticed that they’re staring at each other more and smiling more. I believe they will remain this way “The Daily Mail quoted Chantelle as saying.“I believe their hair will be different as well. Azirah’s hair will be thick and curly, whereas Ayon’s will be altogether different. The texture difference is already noticeable “She continued.

“I’m so delighted they turned out the way they did – as our own distinct little family. Azirah was slightly darker at birth, but it was difficult to discern. As the weeks have passed, she has darkened to the point that she is darker than her father “explained the mother.

“They were both born looking very similar, but she is becoming darker and darker. She is stunning “Ashton’s father stated.“They can’t believe it,” friends and family members continue to tell the parents.

People frequently question Chantelle if both of her children are hers. “People just stop and say, “Oh my god,” because they look so different. People have asked me, “Are they both yours?””

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