Emotional moment at the Zoo Halle when elephant mother reunites with her daughter elephant after 12 years apart

A heartwarming scene at the Halle Zoo, when after 12 long years of being apart, three elephant generations met each other.Yes, the years can separate, but hearts have been always together. As love is such a feeling that never vanish.

Mother and daughter elephants were one day separated, but when they met each after so many years, they recognized each other, greeting each other with their trunks.They put their trunks out of their enclosures and started to touch each other. It was so heartwarming moment.

Daughter elephant Tana, who was 19-year-old, was not alone, she had with her children Elani and Tamika.Grandmother Pori, who was 39-year-old, has never seen her granddaughters, so Tana introduced them to her mother, who seemed so happy and excited that immediately greeted them with her trunk.

Such a touching view, filled with boundless, gentle love. This proves that love never disappear.This happy reunion was realized thanks to one of the EEP program, which helps captive animals to meet their offsprings.Now, due to this conservation breeding program many separated animals can eventually be together, which happened to grandmother elephant, who was brought from Berlin.

Surely, she was so happy and excited to join her daughter and grandchildren again.Now the whole family is complete, and they can enjoy their time together trying to forget their painful past, this sorrowful isolation.

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