Little baby rhino found comfort in a kind vet nurse after losing his mom during poach

Not only humans have the ability to love, but the animals, as well.They can show their warm feelings to those, who take care of them, who rescue them, who is not indifference to them.And this little rhino is exactly the one, who has special feelings to a kind woman.

Kabelo, an orphaned little rhino, lost his mom during poach, when he was 5-6 months old. Though the representatives of humanity killed his beloved mom, he didn’t show hostility to them.Even more, he loved a kind vet nurse, who saved his life and started to take care of him, becoming his “mom”.

After that sad incident, Kabelo was taken to the Rhino Orphanage. There he, fortunately, met someone, who comforted the poor, confused and scared wild baby.Laura Ellison, who worked at the same orphanage, felt in love with the cute calf, as soon as they met each other.

The kind vet nurse had special feelings to this baby rhino, though, she cared many other orphaned rhinos at their center.A strong and warm feelings bonded them. Laura knew what the baby needed after his big lost, so she caringly offered him her comfort and affection.

Kabelo as a sign of gratitude gives all the time hugs his caring mom.Laura feels very convenient with this wild little animal, who, indeed, has the ability for an unconditional, pure love.One day, when Kabelo grow up, he will go back to the wild, but until he is alongside, he deserves all the care, warmth and love, that she is able to give him.

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