The loyal male stork has been flying 14000 km each year to see his injured soulmate

How far are you ready to travel to meet your loved one?Well, apparently, many of you would cross more than 14000 km, as it will be not that difficult to realize it, taking into consideration the development level of the humanity.You just should buy a ticket and fly by plane, enjoying your time in watching some movie.

This male stork has to fly each year thousands of kilometers to meet his injured soulmate, who is not able to fly.The loyalty of this stork is out of imagination.The love story of this adorable couple touched everyone not only in Croatia, but over the world.

This wonderful story began in 1993, when a school kind caretaker found an injured female stork close to little a pond.The poor Malena was shot by a hunter, and due to this injury she couldn’t fly anymore.The kind caretaker found a solution for the female stork: every winter he prepared a warm place with a nest, where she spent till the spring.

And when spring came, Malena was put on a huge nest on the top of the building, so that she could meet her partner.Every year, she waits for her soulmate, Klepetan, to reunion with him and have more babies.Till now, they become parents of more than 62 offspring, and it’s not the end.

Klepetan’s final destination was found in South Africa, near to Cape Town, which is about 14,500 km far from his handicapped soulmate.It means a journey of about 10 days duration.The love story of this beautiful couple is so original and wonderful.

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