Charming squirrel rescued from hurricane Isaac is always napping with her beloved tiny cuddly teddy bear

None would deny that all the tiny, little creatures from animal planet are more adorable and charming, than their big brothers and sisters.Undoubtedly, people are fond of baby animals more, as they are so cute and wonderful, gentle and lovely.Meet Jill, a 9-year-old squirrel, who, with her incredible charm and beauty, became an Internet sensation.

It was in 2012, when this little creature, being only 4-5 weeks old, got an injury because of natural disaster Hurricane Isaac.Her nest fell down, and she was found in a bad condition.Thankfully, beautiful squirrel recovered fully, after a kind woman found her and took care of her.

From that day on, her life has changed in a dramatic way.After recovery, Jill seemed to decide not to go back to the wildlife, but to stay with the kind woman, who rescued her life and gave her all her love, care and attention.Obviously, she made a right decision, as now she has a wonderful life and is enjoying the love and sympathy of many people. On Instagram, Jill has more than 700,000 followers.

The little creature is a vegetarian, whose only scare is a vacuum cleaner.The fluffy creature likes to spend her time posing and, especially, napping, which she loves very much.Jill has a cuddly teddy bear and always gets to sleep with that tiny toy. The photos of this charming duo just melted many followers’ hearts.

Speechless, Jill’s mother loves her so much and takes her everywhere, she goes. She also likes to celebrate her birthdays.

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