Dog of Doberman breed saved a three-year-old girl

In the life of every person, events can occur in which from the correct decision-making it is possible to avoid trouble and threatening danger. This happened to a young family who had a three-year-old daughter, Eva.

The family decided to take a four-legged friend from an animal shelter to the house. There they chose a dog for a long time and their choice stopped at a dog of the Doberman breed.

The staff of the shelter dissuaded the family from such a choice, since the dog had a complex character and it had already been returned back to the shelter more than once. But the family insisted on their own and took graf, as the dog was called, to their home.

The dog quickly made contact with his new family. At first, the girl’s parents were afraid that the dog could harm and frighten the child, but after making sure of the kindness of the animal, they calmed down.

The dog and the girl became friends and spent hours together in games. The Count served as the babysitter of the child and could be relied upon to keep the girl safe.

One incident that happened to the family brought them even closer to the pet. On a day off, the family went on vacation to the river and took Graf with them. The dog frolicked with the girl on the lawn. Suddenly, the dog began to growl and bark loudly. The parents didn’t immediately understand what had happened.

When they ran up to the child, they saw a snake in the grass. The dog rushed at the snake and bit it, but the snake managed to bite him. The Count remained motionless lying motionless on the grass. The girl was saved, thanks to the self-sacrifice and courage of the dog.

The Count was immediately put in a car and taken to a veterinary clinic, where he was injected with an antidote. Thanks to timely actions, the dog was saved. The Doberman returned home as a hero.

The family is very grateful to the hairy savior of their daughter, because she could die from a snake bite. They do not regret their choice at all. The Count became a full-fledged member of their family.

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