73-year-old grandmother undergone an amazing makeover, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers from over the world

At the age of 73, Joan MacDonald proves that there are no excuses, no matter how old you are, and that you can always be healthy and look the best you can.
Two years ago, she had a difficult time in her marriage and turned to food as a consolation. As a result, her weight went over 90kg and she had to take various high blood pressure and high cholesterol drugs.

Loved the attention
As her arthritis worsened, her daughter, Michelle, decided to move in and offered her a plan to help her get a makeover.Her journey and change in appearance has gained her hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world, including compliments from young men, and the 73-year-old grandmother loved this attention.

Joan from Ontario, Canada, has been exercising at the gym four times a week and has completely changed what she eats throughout the day. In just a year, she now weighs 63kg and is happier than ever. Compliments from young men
“It changed the way I feel about myself. People at my gym come up to me and compliment me on the change they see in me”, Joan said.“I feel much better about myself and accept myself and the compliments I receive from young men and women certainly add to my self-confidence. My husband has begun to say how good I look, and my family is so proud of my effort”.

More than 100,000 followers
“At first, it was strange for me because everything was online, and I had to buy an iPhone and learn what apps were. I was crying all the time, and I was ready to give up, but fortunately, I was very stubborn..” she said. “I was on a special diet where I ate a certain amount of calories: protein, carbohydrates and good fats and as my weight dropped, so did my food intake”.
Joan now has more than 100,000 followers who are inspired daily by her incredible journey.

Joan’s health has improved, and she no longer has to take medications. She can lift 88 kg, which is a little less than how she weighed when she started the process.

Joan said she had tried other weight loss programs in the past, but she had always regained her weight back after them.“People are flattered and surprised that I’ve been able to stay lean for so long and I’m still changing; I have more muscle mass now than when I started losing weight”, she said.

Joan is a living proof that anything is possible with effort and willpower. Age is not an excuse for unhealthy life and unformed body. This woman is a great inspiration!Share if you too were impressed by Joan’s tremendous achievements.

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