Flower Girl Dances During Wedding Reception – Then Crowd Loses It When The Song Switches

Do you love weddings? Me too. There was a special wedding I just heard about, and I wish I could have been there! The most adorable little flower girl I have ever seen stole the show and stole my heart too with her amazing dancing skills! It’s no wonder the video of her dance has gone viral. Have you seen it yet?

It’s not easy to be a flower girl. It can be a lot of pressure for a little kid. A flower girl has to carry a basket of petals, stay just the right distance ahead of the bride, and do everything in the right way. At one recent wedding, after performing her official flower girl duties, one little girl blew off steam in the most amazing way possible.

From the moment she got on the dance floor, the other guests were completely captivated. Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” was playing. The little girl put one hand on her hip and lifted her other arm high in the air. She scampered around in a circle then stopped to shake her hips.

An adult tried to dance with her, but she ignored him. This was her show, and she wanted to do it solo and have all eyes be on her alone!

After the Bieber song was over, the DJ cued up the peppy hit “Gangnam Style” by the group PSY. The flower girl took to the song like a duck takes to water! The moment the song began, it was as if a switch had been turned on that raised her energy level to new heights!

She was a bundle of pure energy! She raised her knees high, leaping into the air with each step while swaying with the beat. Her sense of timing was unbelievable! She would pause when the music paused then leap back into action at the exact moment it started up again.

She looked like a professional dancer! I’m sure she is going to be famous when she grows up. Meanwhile, the lucky guests at the wedding were treated to one of the best shows they had ever seen.

You have to watch the video yourself. It will put a big smile on your face. I bet you can’t sit still while you watch it! Your toes will start tapping, and you will want to get up and dance too! Feel free to pass this post along to everyone you know who needs to smile today!

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