Ohio Girl With Cancer Sings “It’s Okay,” Wins “Golden Buzzer” on America’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer for singer Nightbirde who revealed she had cancer and only a small chance of survival on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent.

Nightbirde, real name Marczewski, performed an original song called It’s Okay during the Season 16 episode.

The 30-year-old Ohio native said the song was about the last year of her life and that she struggled with cancer that was still in her lungs, spine and liver.

After his heartwarming song Simon, 61, seemed momentarily at a loss for words and Nightbirde stepped in and told him that “you can’t wait until life isn’t harder before you decide to be happy.”

Simon was on the verge of tears when he told the singer that he wasn’t going to give her a yes, but that he was going to give her something else. He then leaned over and pushed the Golden Buzzer.

Nightbirde covered her face in shock and fell to her knees on stage when she realized that she was advancing directly to the live shows to compete for America’s vote

Nightbirde left the scene still shaking with approval and revealed that she only has a two percent chance of survival, but that “two percent is not zero percent.”

She told the judges ahead of her performance that it was important for everyone to know that she “is more than the bad things that happen to me”.
Really special: she started to cry as Simon took the stage to give him a hug and told him everything about his performance was “really special”
Two percent: Nightbirde shared that she only had a two percent chance of survival, but noted that it was “not zero percent” before adding: “Two percent is something thing and I would like people to know how amazing it is ”

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