Claire Charms Internet Singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” And Is Now Going Viral

There is no denying that six-year-olds are simply adorable. This is the age when kids start to come into their own personality and explore their interests. Claire Crosby is definitely one of those kids at this age.

Claire is no stranger to the stage. Even at this young age, she knows how much she loves singing and playing her ukulele. Performing is clearly her calling life. She even creates precious videos showcasing her talent. Claire is always so eager to share her talent with the world.

Claire took a beloved song and put her own spin on it as her little fingers strummed along on the ukulele. It is not easy to take a song that is known by millions around the world and make it your own. It is no wonder that this video has already gone viral. Claire’s precocious personality simply shines in this performance.

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