A poor single mother built herself a 19-square-meter house – one look inside, and you’ll want to live there today!

What a difference one year makes.

Until recently, Michelle ‘MJ’ Boyle, was forced to pay rent of $1,300 each month on a small house in Sherwood, Oregon. Because her rent was high and the salary wasn’t, she couldn’t save money. Everything she earned at work in the cafe went for rent and food.

But what could she do? She didn’t find a cheaper place to live, and she could not move to the streets with her children. So after a while, when her children left the house, and her situation changed – that was the moment Michelle decided to change her life.

With small savings she managed to collect, she built herself a small house.

This change not only reduced her spending every month to almost zero, it also enabled Michelle to start saving for pension.

How did Michelle get it?

Well, she began to explore the small house movement, where people build their houses to live in a cheaper way.

She managed to build a house for a small sum and moved into it.

Previously Michelle used to pay $1,300 each month for a three-bedroom house – now she lives in a house of 19 square meters. The rent is $65 a month, on the small plot of grass on which the house stands.

And that includes electricity, water and Wi-Fi!

“Building everything with your own hands is one of the most rewarding things there is”, Michelle said.

“In my case: I’m not just building it, I’m also the designer”.

Step into her modest little house and be amazed!

We start with a small kitchen where Michelle spends most of her time.

All the devices are from the 40s and 50s. Michelle said it took her two years to find and restore her collection.

At home there is enough room for a small ladder leading to the loft, where Michelle usually reads books or just rests.

Not a bad idea at all!

We would gladly curl up and read a good book there.

In the living room there are more stairs leading to the bedroom.

As you can see, Michelle managed to put in lots of furniture to make the place as much home as possible.

It must be wonderful to wake up here every morning.

What about a living room? She made it warm and pleasant for christmas.

And it feels much larger than 19 square meters.

The toilets were decorated for christmas.

The bathroom has running water, a shower and a toilet.

Somehow Michelle even managed to put in a small closet.

And that’s the way the house looks during the winter. A dream!

Great work Michelle. What a unique and amazing house you built for yourself!

Michelle isn’t just resting like this after her dream project..

Instead of taking a vacation that she deserved so much, she continued to study and built many more small houses. She plans to rent them in the future to increase her income.

Do you or someone you know would like to live in one of Michelle’s houses?

Tell us in comments what you think!

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