Guests start to holler when attractive mom and son duo put on show-stopping routine at wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding there’s no one that feels the pressure more than the bride and groom.From finding a venue, picking out a dress and tuxedo, the guest list and so much more, a lot goes into planning for one day.

Choreographed dances

One of the things the couple needs to arrange for the big day is also the music and, of course, the wedding dances.That’s right. Plural. The dances.But how many wedding dances are there really?

So many to choose from

According to expert Reba Browne, Assistant Director at Ajna, a dance company specializing in helping couples and their family and friends prepare their wedding dances, there are at least four different kinds of dances.

The wedding dance that everyone knows is the first dance of the newlyweds. But there are also other kinds of wedding dance that you’d better be ready to perform or ask others to do so.

One of those is the parents’ dance. In other words, the bride and groom dance with their parents. Traditionally, this was the father-daughter dance, but nowadays both the bride and the groom dance with their parents.

Then, there’s the anniversary dance, that is the couples that have been married for the longest time dance. And last, but not least, there’s the money dance, during which guests dance with the newlyweds and shower them with money.

So, the parents’ dance sounds a bit boring, right? Maybe some old-fashioned waltz or something similar? Not really.For some parents, the dance with their child on their wedding day is something very important. They actually want to live it to the fullest and offer the guests an unforgettable experience.That’s why they often hire a choreographer to prepare a special dance just for them.

A mother/son dance to remember

Well, the guests that attended the wedding below, will definitely remember the mother-son dance for a long time.

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