The couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with an incendiary boogie woogie.

Dietmar and Nellia gathered all their friends and relatives to solemnly celebrate the 30th anniversary of their married life. But all the guests of the event were in for an incredible surprise. At some point, Ditmar and Nellia went to the middle of the dance floor, the music began to play – and the couple conquered all the guests of the ceremony with an incredibly incendiary boogie-woogie! You should definitely see this amazing room. If you enjoy the video, don’t forget to share it with your friends! The results of two recent

Research shows that dancing can improve balance and walking speed in older adults. And this, according to the authors of the work, will reduce the risk of falling and protect against serious injuries, the treatment of which in adulthood is very difficult. Within two months, scientists conducted 18 dance lessons according to a program specially designed for the elderly. She combined dances and individual choreographic elements. “We have found that dance therapy can increase the speed

Walking and improving balance,” says study author John Crump in an interview with Sciencedaily, “and these are the main risk factors leading to a fall.” After the completion of the program, the participants expressed their desire to continue their dance training. “They really like it,” Crump says. True, scientists from the University of Hertfordshire found that not all older people willingly go to the dance floor. Older men are more confident and dance with pleasure, but women, on the contrary, are very complex.

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