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3 surprising newborn baby facts

From the way she recognises your face to her first smile, your baby will have plenty of surprises in store for you. Understand your little one better with these amazing baby facts.

  1. Learning to talk begins in the womb

Your baby could hear your voice and other sounds from about 23 weeks of pregnancy. So although she won’t say her first word until she’s about a year old, she’s learning about language right from the start.

Your voice is your baby’s favourite sound, and she’ll love to hear you talk and sing to her. It’s never too early to start reading to your baby, and the more words she hears now, the better her language skills are likely to be later on.

  1. Babies are born with the ability to swim

Newborns naturally hold their breath when underwater, and even splash about with their arms and legs. If you take your baby to a swimming class you’ll see these innate talents in action!

Your baby can go swimming as soon as you like, but if you’re planning on taking her yourself, wait until after your six-week check. It’s important to make sure you’re healing well before going in the pool.

When you do go swimming with your baby, make sure that she doesn’t get too chilly. Choose a special baby pool with warm water, or try a baby wetsuit instead of a regular swimming costume.

3. Babies have more bones than adults

Your baby was born with about 300 bones. As she grows, many of these will get harder, and some will fuse together.

For example, the skull starts as three pieces of bone joined by cartilage, so that it can fit through the birth canal. This is why your baby’s head has soft spots. But these pieces eventually join to make one solid bone.

By the time your baby reaches adulthood, she’s likely to have just 206 bones in her body.

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