How they look now❤️

Baby photographer Anne Geddes captured the enchanting images of identical triplets Susanna, Jacyln, and Charlee Passi when they were just 9 weeks old, shortly after their discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit at Auckland Hospital in 1999.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Passi triplets, now 17 years old and towering at 178cm, continue to captivate in front of the camera lens. When they’re not attending high school, they grace the modeling world under the representation of Unique Model Management.

Anne Geddes, now based in New York, recently reconnected with the triplets as part of her babylook@younow campaign. Celebrating her upcoming 60th birthday in September, Geddes is commemorating the milestone by revisiting the babies from her iconic Kiwi calendars and coffee table books from the 1990s.

Reflecting on the day the triplets’ mother, Lisa Hickin, brought them to her studio, Geddes fondly recalls the tender moment when Jaclyn, Susanna, and Charlee were cradled in the large, gentle hands of a man named Jack. The girls were mere 9 weeks old at the time, born prematurely at 31 weeks, yet they slept peacefully through the entirety of the photoshoot.

Hickin, who ventured into photography six years ago, recently recreated her daughters’ inaugural Anne Geddes shoot, paying homage to the cherished memories captured by the renowned photographer.

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