14-year-old powerhouse singer astonishes AGT fans with a voice beyond his years

There are some auditions on America’s Got Talent that stand out; the ones we are going to be talking about years from now. This is one of them.

Meet 14-year-old powerhouse, Dylan Zangwill. At a very young age, it was obvious to his parents that Dylan was not ordinary. He demonstrated uncanny musical abilities.
He has mastered multiple musical instruments including the guitar, the piano, and the greatest musical instrument of all: His voice.

When Dylan took to the AGT stage Tuesday night, no doubt everyone was impressed by his instrumental skills, but it was his voice that truly stood out. It’s impossibly mature and polished for a 14-year-old.

Listen as Dylan sings “Somebody To Love” by Queen. This 1976 Freddy Mercury classic gets all the proper respect. The young man’s vocals are truly astonishing. He has a long and prosperous musical career ahead of him.

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