Andrea Bocelli Weaves Christmas Magic in John Lewis’ Latest Advert

John Lewis created a heartwarming commercial this Christmas to touch hearts and inspire new traditions. Tag lined ‘Traditions Grow’, the video clip features Andrea Bocelli’s mesmerizing song, Festa. This track perfectly describes the spirit of Christmas.

Festa (celebration in Italian) is an original piece written by the electro-pop duo Le Feste Antonacci (Leonardo Rizzi and Lecchi D’Alessandro), specifically for this advert. Its simple yet profound lyric, La Vita Na Festa or Life Is A Party, captures the joyous essence of the Holiday Season. The video is divided into 2 parts. The first is where Bocelli is singing this piece at his home.

The other part concerns a young boy’s unexpected journey with a ‘Grow Your Own Christmas Tree’ kit. However, there is a twist in the story. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, he nurtures a mischievous Venus flytrap named Snapper.

This surprising turn of events leads to heartwarming and sometimes humorous moments as the boy forms a unique bond with the mischievous plant. The narrative beautifully illustrates how traditions can evolve, encouraging us to embrace the unexpected in life.

As Christmas approaches, the boy’s attachment to the plant grows stronger. In an emotional scene, the boy watches his mother, sister, and grandmother move the Venus flytrap outside their home, replacing it with a regular Christmas tree.

However, the boy’s love for his plant remains undiminished. He brings a gift to the plant on Christmas Day. In a delightful revelation, the plant ‘unwraps’ several gifts, expelling them to each family member, showcasing its way of reciprocating love.

Charlotte Lock, Customer Director for John Lewis And Partners, did not want their advert to be predictable and wanted to enlist an original for this year’s commercial rather than using a cover from a well-known song. They decided to talk to Bocelli about the project, who was very happy to participate in this wonderful initiative.

Festa’, beyond being a charming addition to the advert, is a charity single, with all profits supporting the John Lewis Partnership’s Building Happier Futures appeal. This gesture adds an extra layer of warmth to the story, merging the joy of giving with the magic of the festive season.

This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, with its unique story and the charming inclusion of ‘Festa’, goes beyond mere entertainment. It’s a reminder of the unexpected joys in life, the evolution of traditions, and the beauty of embracing changes. This Christmas, let your traditions grow and embrace the unexpected. Sometimes, the most unconventional journeys lead to the most memorable destinations.

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