13-year-old singer makes Simon Cowell jump to his feet in a standing ovation

Before the song starts, Howie Mandel asks Angelina if she and her mom are close. Angie replies, “Very close, she’s my best friend!’ Angie tells the judges that she found music helped her through her emotions after her parents’ divorce.

Young Angelina begins the powerful song, and her voice overwhelms the audience. The first couple of opening notes bring rousing applause from the crowd, and the judges look stunned by her tone.

Angie brings the song to a mighty close by adding a few soulful riffs. She sounds like a 30-year-old experienced singer with excellent stage presence. The crowd literally goes wild!

Simon springs out of his chair in a standing ovation, joined by the other judges. He is smiling wide as he marvels at her talent. Cowell says, ‘Great Voice! You made my goosebumps have goosebumps! Genuinely, I’m excited because I think you are a really, really, really talented person.’

Howie tells Angelina that it is impressive that she could use her pain to make great music and move someone in an emotionally powerful way. The judges all admire her courage and performance.

To top it all off, Heidi Klum hits the ‘Golden buzzer,’ and shimmering confetti rains down from the ceiling. Angelina’s mom joins her on stage to hug, and the audience continues to applaud this feel-good story from ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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